For Educators & Program Coordinators

Black Girls CODE
A bay area organization dedicated to increasing the numbers of young women of color in the field of digital and computer technology by providing free camps, workshops, role models and other opportunities including a blog written by girl participants of all ages.
Commonwealth Alliance for Information Technology Education (CAITE)
The CAITE Alliance at the University of Massachusetts Amherst designs and pilots programs addressing issues of underrepresentation of women and minorities in information technology (IT).
Center for Urban Education (CUE) Toolkit for increasing Latina and Latino STEM Baccalaureates
This toolkit develops competencies that facilitate Latina and Latino student success in STEM, by helping both campus teams and individuals understand the issues facing these students.

The Coalition to Diversify Computing (CDC)
CDC projects seek to target students and faculty with the expressed intent of increasing the number of minorities successfully transitioning into computing-based careers in academia, federal laboratories and industry.

CompuGirls: A Social Justice Technology Program for Girls
CompuGirls is a culturally relevant technology program for girls, grades 8-12, from under-resourced school districts in the Greater Phoenix area.

Culturally Situated Design Tools
Culturally Situated Design Tools (CSDT) are software applications aligned with computer science curriculum. CSDTs address African, African-American, Latino, Native American, and Youth Subculture themes.

 Exemplary Practices for Engaging Hispanic/Latino(a) Youth in Computer Science
This document, published by the Computer Science Collaboration Project, builds on  research and evidence-based practice, and is designed to guide efforts to increase the number of Hispanic/Latino(a) youth in computer science. This is a working document enlisting the best research knowledge currently available and we welcome suggestions for additions and examples.

Into the Loop: Computer Science Equity Alliance
Seeks to deepen the capacity of the Los Angeles Unified School District to offer and support high-quality, college preparatory computer science classes.

June 2012 Innovative Technology Experiences for Students and Teachers (ITEST) Webinar:   Research and Strategies for Engaging African American and Latino Families in Informal STEM Education
On this webinar, ITEST programs shared strategies to meaningfully engage families of underrepresented and minority youth in STEM activities in informal learning environments. The presentation includes proven methods for promoting student learning and effectively measuring parent involvement.
View: ITEST June 2012 Webinar

Microsoft Community Learning Portal
Free online learning opportunity for approved nonprofit centers and computer labs that offer ICT (information and communications technology) skills training to underserved communities.

Students & Technology in Academia, Research & Service (STARS) Alliance
The STARS Alliance aims to increase the participation of women, underrepresented minorities, and persons with disabilities in computing disciplines through multi-faceted interventions.

Techbridge is an after-school and summer program designed to encourage girls in technology, science, and engineering. The website offes resources for students, educators, and families.

Viva Technology 
A program designed to engage inner-city and rural K-12 students, teachers and parents in activities that stimulate their interest and academic achievement in STEM subjects.