Leadership Team for Michigan Girls Collaborative Project

Leadership Team members were selected to bring STEM and program management expertise to the Collaborative's work. Leadership Team members also provide regional representation within the Collaborative. Current Leadership Team members are:

  • Marta Larson
    Michigan Afterschool Partnership - Michigan Association of United Ways
  • Laurie Bone
    Senior Curator of Programs
    Sloan Museum and Longway Planetarium
  • Deb Homeier
    Seaborg Center
  • Alycia Meriweather
    Detroit Math Science Center
  • Michelle Radcliffe
    Coordinator, LATEC
    Livingston Educational Services Agency
  • Beverly Schumer
    Dean of Education and Human Service
    Baker College of Flint
  • Mary Sutton
    Executive Director
    MI Afterschool Partnership
  • Rich Sgarlotti
    Math/Science Curriculum Director
    Nah Tah Wahsh CSA
  • Debbie Taylor
    Director, Engineering Office, Women in Science and Engineering
    University of Michigan School of Engineering
  • Lisa Thackery
    Research Scientist
    Dow Corning Corporation