Our Team

Brenda Britsch (she/her)
Senior Research Scientist

Laahiri Chalasani (she her)
Senior Manager of Programs

Tara Cox (she/her)
Assistant Director of Programs

Emily Early (she/her)
Program Manager

Maggie Ewan (she/her)
Digital Operations Coordinator

Amanda Fisher (she/her)
Manager of Gender Equity Initiatives

Marisa Garcia (she/her)
Senior Program Developer

Jolene Gustafson (she/her)
Director of Digital

Jessica Hay (she/her)
Marketing and Partnership Manager

Katarina Lucas (she/her)
Senior Project Manager

Oliva Pavco-Giaccia (she/her)
Director of Engagement and Innovation

Karen Peterson (she/her)
Chief Executive Officer and Founder

Kelly Reina (she/her)
STEM Program Specialist

Raisa Rosado (she/her)
Social Media Consultant

Alicia Santiago (she/her)
Senior Research Scientist

Nekita Sisk (she/her)
Technical Project Manager

Kathy Thomas (she/her)
Director of Operations